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Cooling Source is a recognized leader in the field of thermal solutions. We provide a wide range of custom and standardized heatsinks to our customers. We also make heatsink and heat pipe assemblies, as well as fan hardware assemblies, to your specifications.

Standard and custom heatsinks are available. Increasing power electronics need innovative thermal designs. As a result, these devices have considerably varied junction temperatures and working environments, necessitating the use of custom-designed heatsinks to optimize system performance and reliability.

In a nutshell, our engineers use advanced 3D modeling as part of their design process. In addition, we optimize your heat transfer project utilizing cutting-edge CFD techniques. In addition, we provide a complete cooling solution to our customers that meets their individual needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

You can also rely on our Mechanical Engineers to help you make design changes and lower manufacturing costs.

Our fully equipped lab is accessible to validate, test, and inspect your ideas.

The engineering and manufacturing teams at Cooling Source recognize the need of promptly producing cost-effective thermal solutions and CNC machined parts to meet your needs. Clearly, CSI’s plants are equipped with cutting-edge technology. As a result, our team regularly produces high-quality parts.

Capabilities in a wide range of industrial processes can help your company meet its goals. Whether you need an extruded heatsink, bonded, swaged, zipper fins, vacuum brazed liquid cold plate, or friction stir welding, we can help.

Our staff can assist you in meeting tight deadlines while allowing you to concentrate on your key capabilities.

In addition, we are available to assist you from concept to production wherever in the world.

We provide secure facilities, document control, and traceability.

Please contact us right away.