BGA Heat sinks

Ball Grid Array (BGA) is a technology used to cool integrated circuits, and the device encased by it is a surface mount device.

BGA packaging first arose in the early 1990s and has now matured into a high-density packaging technology.

Cooling Source offers a variety of BGA heat sink and cooling solutions for cooling integrated circuits and integrated circuits in BGA surface-mount packaging.

What is a BGA heatsink, exactly?

Heatsinks installed on a  BGA package are  BGA heatsinks, however, they are essentially simple aluminum extruded heatsinks.

CSI presently has a large number of BGA heat sinks in various sizes and fin types

Customers have increasingly demanded electronic items' functionalities and performance in today's information era, yet space needs are shrinking, and weight requirements are becoming lighter and lighter.

BGA's innovative high-density packaging technique aids in the accomplishment of the multi-function, high performance, miniaturization, and lightning goals of electronic products.

As a result, the BGA heat sink is somewhat modest.

We have a BGA heatsink solution for most BGA packages:

Cooling Source has developed a new cooling technique for ICs packaged in ball gate arrays (BGA). Traditional high-capacity motherboards, video CARDS, and networking card applications target the new BGA heat sink.

BGA cooling solutions are available from CSI in both standard and OEM versions.

Customers choose accessories, interface materials, and fans for low-end bespoke goods.

The engineers at Cooling Source can design custom solutions to meet your thermal needs.

With high-end design optimizations that match thermal performance criteria and brand objectives, such as supplying OEM customers with visuals that reflect the company or brand, the company also supports BGA developing markets such as personal computers and consumer electronics goods.

Furthermore, the company supports existing OEM designs that combine BGA packaging with mechanical design services and thermal solutions for graphic, thermal detection, thermal analysis, fan life detection, and automated analysis.

Cooling Source provides design engineering support, and full service to customers from end to end.

Types of heatsinks and their characteristics

BGA heat sinks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  BGA' are available with extruded fin, Bga aluminum extruded fin heatsinks, Bga aluminum round pin heatsinks, Bga aluminum square pin fin heatsinks, Bga aluminum copper pin heatsinks, Bga fan sinks, Bga plate-fin heat sinks, Bga push pin heat sinks, and BGA heat sinks.


  1. The aluminum BGA heat sink has a low-profile design
  2. A high-efficiency cooling product that is appropriate for situations with linear airflow
  3. composed of 6063-T5 aluminum with excellent thermal conductivity for maximum heat transfer
  4. Designed explicitly for BGA and other surface-mount packages
  5. Anodized in either black or silver.

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